Programmes and Courses

I offer the following courses and programmes to both individuals and groups:


Ultimate Motivation

This 2 hour session involves me taking you and/or your team through the core of what motivation is, how to inspire yourself now and daily,  and keep motivated when you are down (life is tough and it will keep you down if you let it!). I also cover a step by step system to use everyday starting with the things that you have now, no matter who or where you are in life, to lead you to success and happiness! Investment from you: ZAR2,000 / GBP120


Sales Pro

This is a full morning or afternoon session involving the following: assessing your current level of sales knowledge and expertise, setting your sales goals and designing a specific winning sales programme for you, no matter what your industry is. I also cover how to generate leads, go the extra mile and beat your competitors and how to become the person you were meant to be! Investment from you: ZAR5,000 / GBP300


1 on 1

Here you will benefit the most: I will sit with you 1 on 1 and do both of the above, learn about your specific situation and taylor make a programme for you. I will also go with you to your sales meetings and help you close any difficult clients (amount of these discussed during session). Investment from you: either 10% of your commission earnt on clients I help you close or for the 1 on 1 sessions ZAR500 / GBP30 per hour.


Ultimate Manager

On this course I will teach you how to manage with both “a velvet glove and an iron fist”. It is important to get your team or staff to like you, look up to you and respect you. But most importantly to work hard for you towards a common goal. I will show you the principles I learnt and used both in the British Military and in my financial sales career, even down to the managing and running of the company itself. Investment from you: this course can be run both as a 1 on 1 or in a group. Group ZAR2,000 / GBP120 for 2 hours. 1 on 1 ZAR500 / GBP30 per hour.


Basic Financial Principles

This is where I will show you how to practically and easily manage your finances, including giving you a full understanding (nothing complex) on the workings of the financial markets. Help you calculate when you can afford to retire and how much you need to invest for it. Also importantly what you need to put away to educate your children and what happens to your assets when you leave this Earth. Investment from you: Group ZAR2,000 / GBP120 for 2 hours. 1 on 1 ZAR500 / GBP30 per hour.


Life Coaching

We will meet for an initial needs analysis, I will attain your goals and desires, and some history. After which we will discuss a way forward and a life plan. Investment from you: initial meeting is free, after which I will tailor make a life coaching package for you.


For Christians and Churches – how to live by God’s will in your life and business

Here I will help you find your true purpose in life, one set out by God from before you were born, how to find out what your talents are and maximise them in your life, how to honour God every day in your workplace and job and finally, how to be happy doing it all! Investment from you: only your time (FREE!)


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