What does Brexit mean for UK house prices?

The near term prospects for the UK housing market now look very uncertain, warn experts – with some predicting sale volumes falling of up to 10 per cent nationally and 20 per cent in London.

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Britain LEAVES the EU!

Britain files for divorce from EU. Nigel Green, the deVere Group CEO and Founder warns that Brexit is a victory for uncertainty across international financial markets and the volatility is only just beginning.

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deVere’s Wealthy Clients Share Their Largest Mistakes

High-net worth investors say failing to diversify their portfolios was their largest investing mistake, according to a recent survey. In a survey by deVere Group among clients with more than $1 million, 27 percent reported failing to diversify as their No. 1 investing mistake. In released statements, deVere Group CEO Nigel Green argued that most investor mistakes, including failure to diversify, are easily prevented with professional advice. “It is surprising how many people fail to do this,” Green said.

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Brexit: how might it affect your wealth?

What are the biggest investment mistakes made by high net worth individuals?

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deVere wins at 2016 Business Excellence Awards

deVere wins at 2016 Business Excellence Awards. It has been announced today that deVere Group has won the Best Global Independent Financial Advisory Organisation award at the AI Magazine 2016 Business Excellence Awards.

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Three fundamental tips to enhance your investment portfolio performance

Your investment portfolio is outperforming expectations, but you want it to do even better, right?

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