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At last, I’ve found a home for my orphan – in the house F1 built: How Grand Prix TV presenter Natalie Pinkham reconciled her world with that of the desperate Romanian girl who captured her heart.

  • Natalie Pinkham first met Mirela in 1999 as a volunteer at an orphanage
  • She found her again, ten years later, a severely disturbed teen
  • She vowed to find a home for the Romanian girl, and eventually suceeded

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“For me its just being rich, not rich money wise but rich in life. Being able to have your family and friends and being able to go to bed at night without any regrets” – Mick Fanning. Australian Pro Surfer.




Always be yourself, but be your very best self.


If you know what you’re worth then go out and get what you’re worth – Sylvester Stallone




Riaan Manser:



Hein Wagner:



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