Praised Economist Dr Eric Bloch dies

Although I never personally had the privilege to meet Dr Bloch, I believe that he was a strong supporter of international investment and security of your wealth and assets. Nathan Mpofu a deVere wealth manager in Bulawayo knew him well, Nathan comments:

“Dr Eric Bloch was one of Africa’s most renowned Economists and was an advisor to the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe. In a recent seminar held in conjunction with deVere Zimbabwe and STM Group Plc held at the holiday Inn Bulawayo where Dr Bloch was a guest speaker, he expressed his strong views on the use of international investments and structures as a hedge against any local changes that may affect negatively on individuals portfolios.  He went on to say “international offshore investments are like taking out fire insurance, you just don’t know when your house may burn down”. “

Different local articles about Dr Bloch:

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