2013 Market Review:

Share/Stock/Equity Markets:

USA: Dow Jones +23%, SP500 +26%, Nasdaq +33%

EU: FTSE100 +15%, Euro Stoxx +18%

Asia: Japan +55%, Hong Kong +1%, Shanghai -12%


GBP/USD from low of $1.5 to $1.64 representing a 9% difference.

USD/ZAR from R8.8 to R10.6 a 20% change!

GBP/ZAR from low of R13.4 to as of today R17.8 a 32% change!


Gold from $1,675 to $1,201 a -27% fall.

Oil 1 year change is -3.5%


In summary fantastic growth in America, UK and Europe but emerging markets (China/India etc) with debt issues, had not performed so well. Possible long term investment opportunity into emerging markets though. Drastic devaluation of the South African Rand and a subsequent strengthening of the GBP. America’s quantitative easing programme – we are going to see an end of, which will inevitably bring markets down periodically but the outlook for 2014 remains with established markets to grow between +6 to 10% for the year. Also anticipation of a sell off on the bond market so any person who holds international bonds or bond funds – my advice would be to look at selling them now. Gold fell -27% for the year which as it is historically inversely proportional to share markets, this was expected. I further expect Gold to fall or remain around the $1,200 mark for 2014.

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